Adventure Galapagos Ecuador

Ecuador has hosted and currently hosts several world adventure events that are held annually. It is definitely a unique country because of its geographical location, which allows great options of activities such as the descents of rivers in rafting and kayaking.

These rivers, which originate in the snowy peaks of the Sierra region, can take you to both sides of the Andes: to the Pacific and to the vast Amazon basin.

Ecuador is a destination that offers a variety of attractions, from mountain biking and hundreds of kilometers of moorland to snow-capped volcanoes in the Andean highlands. It also provides secluded tropical beaches in the Pacific, cloud forests and rainforest.

In these areas there are a lot of activities such as hiking, where you can discover the high jungle and the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls.

This sport consists in the descent of waterfalls with ropes where you feel the water fall on your face and body. You do not need much experience or special physical condition to fully enjoy Ecuador’s adventures.


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